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Atom Physics is committed to educating its clients and their patients about radiation and its effects, and has created this Website to answer questions about x-ray exposure and concerns.


Here you will find a very easy to understand explanation of what radiation is, and how it can or cannot be harmful to our bodies. You will also discover what we at Atom Physics do to ensure that your dental provider uses only the lowest dose necessary to create your x-rays.


Should you ever have questions about x-ray exposure, please contact one of our board certified medical physicists directly, and we will be happy to put you at ease.  Our goal is to always make you feel safe and comfortable when getting your necessary dental x-rays.


e-mail: info@atomphysics.com


Certifying an office as Low Dose means that we do the following:


  1. Measure the radiation output of the x-ray machines and make sure they are within the Low Dose limits.  If they are not, we will adjust the settings
  2. Provide an education session for the staff about radiation safety
  3. Provide the Doctor with industry guidelines for ordering exams


Patients - We hope you find the information on our website helpful and useful, and that your mind is put at ease about the radiation dose for your x-rays!



For more information about Atom Physics, please visit our primary website at www.atomphysics.com.


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Low Dose Certified!

Low Dose Certification was created by Adam Evearitt MS, DABR, a Medical Physicist certified by the American Board of Radiology with over 20 years experience working with medical radiation.


"It's my passion to educate the public and help disuade the fear of radiation."


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